Cars used in variable weather conditions are exposed to considerable fluctuation of temperature, humidity, and the negative effect of chemical substances. That is why, after intensive use of a car in trying conditions, it is advisable to change the motor oil. Apart from that, you may also consider filling up or changing the gear oil, and checking the level of fluid in power steering in the steering system, and the brake fluid. If you are concerned about your accumulator, not only should you check the level of electrolyte, but also clean and maintain the clamps. The best solution is to have it all done at a service station to make sure that your car is in for professional service. By entrusting us with it, you have the highest quality service guaranteed. At our service point your car is going to be treated in a very special way. Our friendly specialists will do their best so that your car can travel miles without breakdown.

The mechanical services include:

  • Annual tests of car safety and roadworthiness (The MOT tests) for vehicles of complete vehicle kerb weight up to 3.5 ton, after-collision service, pre-sales service, and service of vehicles with the registration book taken away
  • Repair and service of steering systems, suspension systems, braking systems
  • Changing filters, spark plugs, bearings, shafts, shock absorbers, pumps, thermostats, and engine gaskets
  • Oils and operational fluids change

The diagnostic testing include:

  • Computer geometry of the chassis
  • Diagnostic testing of injection systems (both diesel and petrol)
  • Adjusting the lights
  • Analysis of exhaust gas
  • Diagnostic testing of electronic systems in cars




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